HOA Expectations

Expectations of a Wellington HOA Maintained Home

If a homeowner choses to install curbing around plant beds / trees, any chipping or wear and tear damage are at the homeowner’s expense.
If there is a builder-installed tree/bushes/plants encircled by curbing it is the responsibility of the HOA to mulch, trim and weed within the curbing.

Driveways / Side Walk

Homeowners must maintain driveways / side walk leading to the front door in a safe and clean manner and ensure that mold and other stains (such as oil drippings) are removed through periodic pressure washings at the homeowner’s expense.

Hedges / Bushes and Trees

Homeowners may landscape near builder or association installed fences as long as they maintain the landscaping by trimming the shrubs / bushes and trees to retain their natural shape, removing weeds, and including a landscape covering of mulch or stone at the homeowner’s expense.

For lots under 7,000 sq. ft., no more than 2 trees are allowed; for lots greater than 7,000 sq. ft., no more than 3 trees are allowed.-Please reference the Florida Friendly Plant Material Guide found in the clubhouse office for types of trees allowed in Wellington and their respective clearance between trees.

All builder trees should be trimmed up to nine foot from the ground up, not to exceed 25% of the tree height.

All natural trees on a residential property from when the home was built, are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and trim. Any islands, natural or owner-installed, on the side or rear of a home are maintained by the homeowner.

For patio homes: 

The Patio Association will prune, cut and trim tree limbs on Patio property only when the tree is causing damage to the roof. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to report and submit a work order for any trees that fall under this category. All other tree maintenance, removal, pruning, etc. will be the responsibility of the homeowner

Gutters / Down Spouts

HOA maintained homes that do not have gutters and sustain sod and/or plant damage are responsible for any sod or plant replacements at the owner’s expense.

All owners of HOA maintained homes are responsible for the cleaning of their gutters. If shingle or any roof damage occurs due to failure to maintain the gutters all repairs will be at the owner’s expense.

HOA maintained home’s down spouts need to be terminated 6 inches above the ground. If homeowner does not terminate down spout 6 inches above the ground, damage done by the landscaping contractor to the down spout is at the owner’s expense.

Lanai / Birdcage

Owners of HOA maintained homes are encouraged to install a kick plate or 12inch wide landscaping bed around screened area.

Owners of HOA maintained homes are responsible for damage by association landscaping contractor while performing their duties if kick plate is not installed.

There shall not be a gap between the roof line and the screened lanai/birdcage/enclosure in order to eliminate the painter from having to go on top of the screen.


Owners of HOA maintained homes must ensure that a five (5) foot clearance exists between islands, landscape beds and property lines, to enable mowers to cut the grass, unless specifically allowed elsewhere in this document.

For HOA maintained homes, the hose box or caddie must be placed within an established landscaping bed or wall mounted.

HOA maintained homes whose sod is being replaced or Florida Friendly plants are being installed must allow the HOA Irrigation Contractor to adjust their sprinkler system to water for a full 30 days to ensure plants/sod take root. Failure to adhere to the watering schedule for at least 30 days will violate compliance and the replacement of sod / Florida Friendly plants due to lack of water will be replacement at the homeowner’s expense. If a homeowner notices builder-installed plants / bushes or trees that appear to be damaged or dying, the homeowner is encouraged to create a work order for someone to investigate the issue.


HOA maintained homes will be painted every 10 years and washed and windows caulked every five years, if needed.

Owners of HOA maintained homes are responsible for removing the wall decoration prior to a scheduled house painting.

Roof Ventilation / Solar Tubes

Owners of HOA maintained homes must accept responsibility for any damage or water leaks that result from the installation.

Solar and Low Voltage Lighting

HOA maintained homeowners may install solar or low voltage lights in their existing landscaping beds and must be at least 6 inches from the edge of the bed to allow the landscaping contractor access to trim.

Disclaimer Section:

Natural trees that existed prior to the development of the home the HOA will be responsible for their trimming, as needed to protect the home and removal if diseased or damaged. The tree will not be replaced by the HOA.

Natural areas will not be weeded, mulched or maintained by the landscaping contractor.

Homeowners must obtain approval from the Patio Grounds Manager prior to adding any plant material to assure compatibility for Fertilizer/Pest control applications

The HOA has not obtained insurance coverage for the damages caused by wind storm. Therefore the homeowner is responsible for insuring their property for windstorm damage.